2018-19 LA Lakers Recap: Game 1

The NBA season is officially here! I know the season started two days ago, but the Lakers didn't play, so it technically didn't count. The anticipation for this season with Lebron James is as high as it's been since Dwight Howard & Steve Nash joined the team, and we all believe the outcome will be... Continue Reading →


2018 NFL Power Rankings: Q1

The first five weeks of the 2018 NFL Season has already come and gone. We have a pretty good idea of what teams are good (Rams, Chiefs), what teams are bad (Falcons, 49ers), and which coaches should get canned (too many to list). We are lumping in Week 5 into the first quarter of the... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the 2018 NFL Season! The season really crept up on us, but here we are and you can believe we are PUMPED UP! Below are the official 30 Minute Lunchbreak NFL Power Rankings for Week 1. These rankings will be the most accurate rankings you've ever read. Probably. The biggest questions are answered: Are the... Continue Reading →

Podcast: Episode 154

8.7.18 - On today's episode, Brandon, Erick & Mike discuss the NBA Christmas Day games, step inside the ring to discuss the Sweet Science, preview Tiger Woods chances at the PGA Championship, and get into Kaepernick's name being removed from Madden 19. Episode Content NBA Christmas Day schedule (1:36) Boxing: Kovalev vs. Alvarez (8:03) UFC... Continue Reading →

Trust the (Lakers) Process

Now that the initial rush of NBA free agency is over, we can actually sit back and start to analyze the moves. The Boogie to GSW doesn't need much analyzing, it's a home-run. Sure, Boogie is out for most of the year but the Warriors are already the best team in the league, and they... Continue Reading →

2018 NBA Free Agency: Day 2

Just when you think NBA Free Agency couldn't get any more intense, the Warriors continue to surprise us all. Landing big-man DeMarcus Cousins for only $5.3M is a complete steal. A lot of other big-names came off the board in a very busy day. Some of the more shocking moves of the day were Rondo... Continue Reading →

2018 NBA Free Agency: Day 1 Recap

Wow. What a day. The first day of NBA free agency was crazy already. Tons of signings, tons of money being flown around, and that was before LeBron broke the internet. After Paul George started free agency by announcing his decision (with Westbrook at his side), Laker fans were waiting for Magic to make a... Continue Reading →

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