Trust the (Lakers) Process

Now that the initial rush of NBA free agency is over, we can actually sit back and start to analyze the moves. The Boogie to GSW doesn't need much analyzing, it's a home-run. Sure, Boogie is out for most of the year but the Warriors are already the best team in the league, and they... Continue Reading →


2018 NBA Free Agency: Day 2

Just when you think NBA Free Agency couldn't get any more intense, the Warriors continue to surprise us all. Landing big-man DeMarcus Cousins for only $5.3M is a complete steal. A lot of other big-names came off the board in a very busy day. Some of the more shocking moves of the day were Rondo... Continue Reading →

2018 NBA Free Agency: Day 1 Recap

Wow. What a day. The first day of NBA free agency was crazy already. Tons of signings, tons of money being flown around, and that was before LeBron broke the internet. After Paul George started free agency by announcing his decision (with Westbrook at his side), Laker fans were waiting for Magic to make a... Continue Reading →

Podcast: Episode 149

Welcome to Episode 149! On today's show, Brandon & Erick discuss the upcoming NBA off-season and the potential impact on the Young Lakers. The guys preach their love for the Lakers youth movement, and get into the excitement of the NBA off-season. The the guys hop into the boxing ring to discuss Deontay Wilder and... Continue Reading →

The Summer of Lebron is Here!

The summer of 2018 is finally upon us! This should be the most entertaining and transaction-filled summer in a good while, and expectation are high. We have some of the biggest names in the NBA involved: LeBron James. Kawhi Leonard. Chris Paul. Paul George. Kendrick Perkins. Okay, maybe I made one of those up, but as... Continue Reading →

Marvel Movies Re-Watch!

Like most of you, I saw Avengers: Infinity War. It was the culmination of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), how could I not see it. In the 10 years since Iron Man first came out, I've seen most of the movies, but not all of them. After watching Infinity War, I wanted to fully immerse myself... Continue Reading →

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